Editorial Issue 300

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There is nothing new or strange in what recently came about in Afghanistan. The peace agreement concluded be- tween the Crusaders and murtaddin in Doha has been translated on the ground in Kabul, and whoever followed the steps of the peace process since the be- ginning, is fully aware that the Ameri- can withdrawal was a decision the U.S. administration could not go back one, started by Trump and continued by Biden, and that the Taliban taking con- trol over the country was a natural out- come with the knowledge and satisfac- tion of those who signed the agreement.

Let us go back a little bit, to the day the Taliban made refuge for the muhajirin and established the Shari'ah, albeit im- perfect. America bombed it and over- threw its ruling over Kabul. But after Taliban abandoned all of that and promised not to allow the "Manhattan mistake" to happen again, American return the ruling to the Taliban and gave it Kabul back without firing a sin- gle bullet!

America wanted to establish the idea that the efforts of only a few years of peace talks in luxurious hotels returned the Taliban to its throne, while a battle of 20 years only brought destruction. America planned well for that day to be a victory for peace and not for Islam! And for negotiations and not for jihad! But most people do not know, and while this malicious intent could be hidden right now among all the ac- tions, its effect will manifest tomorrow when more "fighters" become "negotia- tors" moving about luxurious hotels, abandoning and despising the trenches. This is what is most dangerous, and it is

the biggest defeat, if only they knew.

We have seen how direct coordination between the Taliban and the American forces came about when moving in on Kabul, and how the evacuation of thousands of Crusaders and spies went on with high mutual trust between both sides! It is a coordination and trust that America did not grant to old ta- ghut governments, but granted it to Taliban after only a few hours of it en-

Thursday, 10 Muharram 1443

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tering Kabul!

Despite the clarity of the situation, and that it was a mere peaceful transfer of power from one taghut to another, and with the confession of the leaders of the militias themselves who confirmed again and again that their control over certain cities is the result of the agree- ments within "grant and surrender", and not the result of battles, still many parties, with al-Qaeda and Sororiyya and the Ikhwan Murtaddin at their lead, insist on showing the Ameri- can-Qatari scenario as a "victory" for


The concept of victory has gone through some major hits in recent his- tory, caused by the parties and move- ments of ridda who declare victory after everything that follows their whims and realizes their interests even if it is kufr and a waiver! And they call "de- feat" and "failure" everything they dis- agree with even if it is Tawhid and steadiness. So they made dying within the shadows of Shari'ah a failure! While living among the tawaghit and by their rules is a win and a victory.

The more we contemplate the situation and background of those promoting the "new Taliban", the more we be- come certain that the path of the Islam- ic State to support Tawhid and establish Shari'ah is the right path. Supporting Islam does not go through the hotels of Qatar nor the embassies of Russia, Chi- na, and Iran! And the victory that is signed by America and sponsored by Qatar and its media, and blessed by the Sororiyya, Murji'ah, and the Ikhwan is a fake victory.

From another angle, with the control of the Taliban over the country, the lies of

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those claiming to want to establish Shari'ah, from al-Qaeda, the Ikhwan and others, fall apart, because their ex- cuses that they do not have "full con- trol", or do not control all the crossings, or other excuses that they spent their lives repeating, all of those are gone now. Here is the full control that they wanted according to their own condi- tions, so will we see the Shari'ah estab- lished in Afghanistan soon? Or will they come up with a new excuses to avoid establishing Shari'ah?!

Within the dimensions of the orga- nized promotion of the "new Taliban", the leaders of the Crusader alliance did not stop repeating that there is no way to defeat the Islamic State militarily without fighting it intellectually. There is no doubt that the Crusaders have re- alized the failure of the Ikhwan Mur- taddin prototype in leading the intel- lectual battle against the Islamic State even after they reached the ruling posi- tion. So for them it was a must to find an alternative that has a better chance in fighting the Islamic State to make it a replacement for the Muslims. Hence, the new Taliban was the alternative that fights on both the military and the in- tellectual fronts.

This is why we witness the huge promo- tion for the template of the "new Tali- ban", not only after the Taliban entered Kabul, but since the "peace agreement" in Doha about 14 months before, and since the statements of al-Qaeda and those similar kept calling this suspi- cious deal a victory. Even the murtad- din of Hamas congratulated the Tali- ban - for the first time ever - and published images for a meeting that included some of their leadership with the Taliban in Doha. Hamas would not have congratulated them without knowing - from formal channels - that the new Taliban is no longer associated with terrorism, and there is no risk in congratulating them. All of this con- firms that the recommendations to pro- mote this template are going forward. Even those who used to call the Taliban evil and dark participated. So did the Taliban light up suddenly after going



inside the tunnel of peace?!

It is not a coincidence that all the par- ties that fought the Islamic State, are the same parties that are promoting the Taliban template in its last version edit-

ed in the studios of Doha.

What is strange is that the murtaddin and munafiqin accused the Islamic State, after it controlled some cities in Iraq and Sham, that they are agents for the West and America, and that what happened there was "a play and a major conspiracy". Meanwhile, when all of Afghanistan falls within days without any battle, you cannot hear those voices speaking about any "play" or "conspir- acy" or even a "deal"! It is suddenly a major victory that is praised by the murtaddin and complimented by the callers for democracy and accepted by the Crusaders.

If the Crusaders had a doubt that they left the country for who will establish Sharia'ah in it, they would not have left a single house standing and would have bombed the hospitals before the bar- racks. America did not even bother to remove the arsenal of the Afghan army and let the Taliban take it. Meanwhile, American planes are bombing tents scattered in the deserts of Libya and So- malia that belong to the soldiers of Kh- ilafah. Does America fear a few tents in the heat of the desert, while feeling safe from thousands of armed fighters scat- tered all over the cities of Afghanistan within their sights?! It is simply the dif- ference between the path of Allah and that path of taghut.

The Taliban's leaders have announced liberating Afghanistan from the hotels of Qatar which houses the al-'Adid American base where the American planes take off to bomb the homes of Muslims. Their fake victory came out from the same place the war decisions against Islam come out! So what victory are they talking about?

America actually did it. They finally raised a "Mullah Bradly". And there is no doubt that other "Mullahs" are be- ing fabricated in the hotels and embas- sies of the tawaghit, waiting for another "victory" granted by America or others.

What happened is no more than replac- ing a shaved taghut with a bearded one, where the first one failed in fighting ter- rorism, while the second America thinks will do better. As for the soldiers of the Khilafah, they are preparing for a new phase in their blessed Jihad, which will not stop, by Allah's permission, until all of the earth accepts the rules of their Creator. Verily, this is the true vic- tory, and everything else is but a mi-