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Old Series, [ Continuation of the

j New Series, Vol. XLV. ^ Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club / Vol. XXXVII

The Auk

a ©uarterlp Journal of (^rntljologp




The American Ornithologists' Union



Entered as second-class mail matter in the Post Office at Lancaster, Pa.

Steinman and Foltz Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



J. A. Allen, 1883-1890 *D. G. Elliot, 1890-1892. ♦Elliott Cotjes, 1892-1895. *William Brewster, 1895-1898.

Robert Ridgway, 1898-1900.

C. Hart Merriam, 1900-1903.

Chas. B. Cory, 1903-1905. Chas. F. Batchelder, 1905-1908. E. W. Nelson, 1908-1911. Frank M. Chapman, 1911-1914. A. K. Fisher, 1914-1917. John H. Sage, 1917-


♦Elliott Cotjes, 1883-1890.


Robert Ridgway, j J895-1898

♦William Brewster, 1890-1895.


H.W.Henshaw, j1911_1918.

C. Hart Merriam, 1894-1900.

Chas. B. Cory, 1898-1903. Chas. F. Batchelder, 1900-1905. E. W. Nelson, 1903-1905. Frank M. Chapman, 1905-1911. A. K. Fisher, 1908-1914. Witmer Stone, 1914- George Bird Grinnell, 1918-


C. Hart Merriam, 1883-1889. John H. Sage, 1889-1917.

T. S. Palmer, 1917-


C. Hart Merriam, 1883-1885. Chas. B. Cory, 1885-1887.

♦William Dijtcher, 1887-1903. Jonathan Dwight, 1903-



J. A. Allen, 1883- *S. F. Baird, 1883-1887. *William Brewster, 1883-1919.

Montague Chamberlain, 1883-1888. *Elliott Coues, 1883-1899.

i 1883-1894;

H.W.Henshaw, j1911_1918.

*George N. Lawrence, 1883-1890. C. Hart Merriam, 1883-


(1885-1895; Chas. B. Cory, i j§gg_

*William Dutcher, 1887-1920. *D. G. Elliot, 1887-1915.

(1887-1895; Leonhard Stejneger, j is96_is99

♦Thomas McIlwraith, 1888-1889.

John H. Sage, 1889-

*N.S. Goss, 1890-1891. Chas. F. Batchelder, 1891- Frank M. Chapman, 1894-

*Charles E. Bendire, 1895-1897 A. K. Fisher, 1895- jonathan dwight, 1896- Ruthven Deane, 1897- Witmer Stone, 1898- Thomas S. Roberts, 1899-

E. W. Nelson, 1900- C. W. Richmond, 1903-

F. A. Lucas, 1905-

W. H. Osgood, 1911-1918. Joseph Grinnell, 1914- T. S. Palmer, 1917- Harry C. Oberholser, 1918-

Officers are ex-officio members of the Council during their terms of office and ex-presidents for life. Ex-officio members are included in the above.

* Deceased.

Elections have been in November except in 1883 and 1884 (September), 1887 (October), 1907 and 1909 (December), 1914 (April) and 1915 (May).



Page In Memoriam: William Brewster. By Henry W. Henshaw.

(Plates I and II) 1

William Brewster An Appreciation. By John G. Gehring . . 24 William Brewster Resolution of the Nuttall Ornitho- logical Club 27

The William Brewster Memorial 29

In Memoriam: Lyman Belding. By A. K. Fisher. (Plate III) . 33 Midsummer Birds in the Catskill Mountains. By Stanley

Cobb, M.D 46

Notes on the Winter Birds of San Antonio, Texas. By Ludlow

Griscom 49

The Occult Senses in Birds. By Herbert H. Beck 55

Birds of the Clear Creek District, Colorado. By F. C. Lincoln 60 Sandpipers Wintering at Plymouth, Massachusetts. By J. A.

Farley 78

Sequestration Notes. By Joseph Grinnell 84

On Procellaria alba Gmelin. By Levereit Mills Loomis .... 88 Notes on Seven Birds Taken Near Charleston, South Caro- lina. By Arthur T. Wayne 92

The Status of the Subspecific Races of Branta canadensis.

By J. D. Figgins 94

Bachman's Warbler Breeding in Alabama. By Ernest G. Holt.

(Plate IV) 103

Description of a Proposed New Race of the Killdeer from

the Coast of Peru. By Frank M. Chapman 105

Descriptions of a New Species and Subspecies of Tyrannidae.

By Charles B. Cory 108

The Thirty-seventh Stated Meeting of the American Orni- thologists' Union. By T. S. Palmer 110


The Black Skimmer on Long Island, N. Y., 126; Another Record of the White Pelican in New York, 126; A Note on the Southern Teal, 126; Trumpeter Swan (Olor buccinator) in Western Minnesota. A Cor- rection, 127; Wild Swan on Long Island, N. Y., 127; Notes on Some Shore Birds of the Alabama River, Montgomery County, Ala., 127; The Black Rail at St. Marks, Florida, 128; Purple Gallinule in North Carolina, 130; Breeding of the Mourning Dove in Maine, 130; The Status of Harlan's Hawk in Colorado, 130; White Gyrfalcon (Falco islandus) in Montana, 132; The Hawk Owl in North Dakota, 132; Pileated Woodpecker in Morris County, N. J., 132; Unusual Habits of Chimney Swift, 132; Empidonax griseus in Nevada, 133; The Crow in Colorado, 134; Appearance of the Canada Jay at Moore- head, Minn., 134; Note on the Food of the Starling (Sturnus vidgaris), 135; Harris' Sparrow in Michigan, 135; American Golden-eye and White-crowned Sparrow in Northern Michigan in Summer, 135; Lanius ludovicianus migrans in North Dakota, 136; Bohemian Wax-

ii Contents of Volume XXXVII.

wings in Chicago, 111., 136; The Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrula) at Chicago, 111., 137; Orange-crowned Warbler (Vermivora celata celala) in Massachusetts, 137; Fall Records of Mourning War- bler in Western Missouri, 137; Breeding of the Canadian Warbler and Northern Water-Thrush in New Jersey, 137; Hermit Thrush's Nest in Unusual Location, 138; Peculiar Nesting of Hermit Thrushes, 138; The Bluebird in Cuba, 140; Rare or Uncommon Birds at Roch- ester, N. Y., 140; Notes from St. Marks, Fla., 142; Bird Notes on the Wisconsin River, 143; Abundance of Periodical Cicadas Divert- ing Attacks of Birds from Cultivated Fruits, 144; Nomenclatural Casuistry, 145; Supplementary Note on J. P. Giraud, 146.


Van Oort's 'Birds of Holland,' 147; Taverner's 'Birds of East Canada, 147; 'The Birds of North Carolina,' 149; Hine on Birds of the Katmai Region, Alaska, 150; Witherby's 'Handbook of British Birds,' 151; A Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology, 152; Birds of the Expedition to Korinchi Peak, Sumatra, 153; Swann's 'Synop- tical List of the Accipitres,' 154; Burns' 'Ornithology of Chester County, Pennsylvania,' 155; Mailliard's 'Notes on the Avifauna of the Inner Coast Range of California,' 156; Bailey's 'Raptorial Birds of Iowa,' 156; Mrs. Farwell's 'Bird Observations near Chicago,' 157; Hudson's 'Book of a Naturalist,' 158; Dixon on Wild Ducks in a City Park, 158; Recent Circulars by Forbush, 159; The Birds of the Albatross Expedition of 1899-1900, 159; Coker on the Guano Birds of Peru, 160; Scoville's 'The Out-of-Doors Club,' 162; Gifford's 'Field Notes on the Land Birds of the Galapagos Islands,' 162; Hall and Grinnell on Life Zone Indicators in California, 163; Dabbene on Argentine Forms of the Genera Geositta and Cinclodes, 164; Cory's 'Review of the Genera Siptornis and Cranioleuca,' 164; Chap- man on New South American Birds, 165; Oberholser on Larus hyper- boreus barrovianus, 166; Contributions to the Zoogeography of the Palaearctic Region, 166; Annual Report of the Chief of the Biological Survey, 167; Shufeldt on the Birds of Brazil, 167; The Food of Aus- tralian Birds, 168; The Ornithological Journals, 168; Ornithological Articles in Other Journals, 173; Additional Publications Received, 178.


International Ornithological Congress, 179; Name of the Red-footed Booby, 180; Ornithological Pronunciation, 181.


Editorial Note, 182; Obituary: Dr. Charles Conrad Abbott, 183; Obitu- ary: Edward Everett Brewster, 184; Obituary: Barron Brainerd, 184; Recording Migration, 185; Election of Officers of the Nuttall Club, 185; A. O. U. Committee on Nomenclature and Classification of N. A. Birds, 186; Bird Collection of the Ottawa Museum, 186; Oldest Members of the A. O. U., 186; Publications of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 187; The South African Biological Society, 187; Dinner of the D. V. O. C, 187; Vogel der palaarktischen Fauna, 187; Educational Work of the California Fish and Game Commis- sion, 188; Endowment of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology of the University of California, 188.

Contents of Volume XXXVII. Hi



A Revision of the Genus Eupsychortyx. By W. E. Clyde Todd.

(Plates V-VI) 189

Observations on the Habits of Birds at Lake Burford, New

Mexico. By Alexander Wetmore. (Plates VII-IX) .... 221

Additions to the Avifauna of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, Including Four Species New to North America. By G. Dallas Hanna 248

Extracts from Notes Made While in Naval Service. By

W. T. Helmuth 255

The Plumage of Gulls in Relation to Age as Illustrated by the Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) and Other Species. By Jonathan Dwight, M. D. (Plates X-XIV) . . 262

The Subspecies of Branta canadensis (Linn.). By H. S. Siuarth 268

Description of a New North American Duck. By Wharton

Huber 273

Fifth Annual List of Proposed Changes in the A. O. U. Check- List of North American Birds. By Harry C. Oberholser . 274


A Loon (Gavia immer) Caught on a Fishing Line, 286; Intestinal Caeca in the Anhinga, 286; On the Nesting of the Black Duck in Ohio, 287; The American and European Widgeon in Massachusetts, 288; Whist- ling Swan (Olor columbianus) in Massachusetts, 289; Habits of the Two Black Ducks (Anas rubripes and Anas rubripes tristis), 289; Flight of Water Fowl at Washington, D. C, 291; Nesting of the Greater Yellow-Legs in Newfoundland, 292; Nesting of the Little Black Rail in Atlantic County, N. J., 292; Maggots in the Ears of Nestling Cooper's Hawks (Accipiter cooperi), 293; Age attained by the Hyacinth Macaw, 293; Curious Habits of the Whip-poor-will, 293; Aeronautes melanoleucus (Baird) versus Aeronavtes saxatalis (Woodhouse), 294; A New Name for Phaeochroa Gould, 295; Great Crested Flycatcher in Massachusetts in Winter, 295; The Song of the Boat-tailed Grackle, 295; Clark's Crow in Denver, 297; Another Occurrence of the Starling Near Montgomery, Alabama, 298; A Flight of Newfoundland Crossbills. 298; Evening Grosbeaks at Valley Falls, N. Y., 298; Evening Grosbeak at Brantingham, Lewis Co., N. Y., 299; The Evening Grosbeak in Monte Vista, Colo., 299; Some Sparrow Notes from Madison, Wisconsin, 299; Zonotrichia albicollis again in Colorado, 300; The Proper Name of the West African Serin, 300; The Louisiana Tanager in Massachusetts, 301; Bohemian Wax- wing in Illinois, 301 ; The Yellow-throated Warbler in Central New York— A Correction, 302; The Louisiana Water-Thrush Breeding at Graniteville, Aiken County, South Carolina, 302; Elminia Bonaparte Preoccupied, 302; Toxostoma crissalis versus Toxostoma dorsalis, 303; The Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe lencorhoa) in Eastern Pennsyl- vania, 303; Additional Notes on the Birds of Red Deer, Alberta, 304; Birds of Irregular Occurrence on Long Island, 306; Rare and Un- common Birds at Branchport, Yates Co., N. Y., 307; Unusual Winter Bird Records for Iowa City, Iowa, 308; Notes on Winter Birds of the Missouri Ozarks, 309; "Mesa County, Colo., Notes, 310; Some North American Birds Obtained in Japan, 311; The Color of Natal Down in Passerine Birds, 312; Birds and Tent Caterpillars, 312.

iv Contents of Volume XXXVII.


Baldwin's 'Bird Banding by Means of Systematic Trapping,' 314; Chap- man on New South American Birds, 315; Cory's 'Catalogue of Birds of the Americas,' 315; Witherby's 'Handbook of British Birds,' 316; A Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology, 317; Annual Report of the National Association of Audubon Societies, 317; Bulle- tin of the Essex County Ornithological Club, 318; Hollister's Account of the National Zoo, 319; Cory's Review of the Genus Rhynchocy- clus, 319; Recent Papers by Bangs and Penard, 320; Van Oort's 'Birds of Holland,' 320; Kirk Swann's 'Synoptical List of the Acci- pitres,' 321; Dr. Shufeldt's Bibliography, 321 Stuart Baker on Egg Collecting and its Objects, 321 ; Economic Ornithology in Recent Entomological Publications, 322; Pine-seed Eaters in British Gar- hwal, 325; The Ornithological Journals, 325; Ornithological Articles in Other Journals, 334; Additional Publications Received, 338.


An "Occult Food Sense" in Birds, 339; The Search for Food by Birds, 341 ; Ridgway's 'Birds of North and Middle America, Vol. VIII,' 344.


Obituary: James Mellville Macoun, 346; A. O. U. Committee on Classi- fication and Nomenclature, 346; Migratory Bird Treaty, 347; Bird Reservations, 347; Modification in Federal Regulations, 347; Pacific Northwest Bird and Mammal Club, 347; Complete Sets of 'The Auk,' 348; The Wilson Ornithological Club, 352; Correction, 352; Errata, 352.



Notes on Some American Ducks. By Allan Brooks. (Plates

XV-XVI) 353

Relative Abundance of Wild Ducks at Delavan, Wisconsin.

By N. Hollister 367

Recollections of Audubon Park. By George Bird Grinndl

(Plates XVII-XVI II) 372

Courtship in Birds. By Charles W. Tovmsend, M. D 380

Observations on the Habits of Birds at Lake Burford, New

Mexico. By Alexander Wetmore 393

Notes on the Breeding Habits of the Rusty Blackbird in

Northern New England. By Fred H. Kennard. (Plates

XIX-XX) 412

The Genera of Ceryline Kingfishers. By Waldron DeWitt

Miller 422

Ontario Bird Notes. By J. H. Fleming and Hoyes Lloyd . . . 429 Seventeenth Supplement to the American Ornithologists'

Union Check-List of North American Birds 439

Contents of Volume XXXVII. v


Notes on the Black-crowned Night Heron in Western New York, 449; Bittern Displaying its White Nuptial Plumage, 450; The Knot in Montana, 451; Tringa Auct. versus Calidris Anon., 451; Early Vir- ginia Rail in New York, 452; Least Flycatcher in Michigan in April, 453; A New Name for Anairetes Reichenbach, 453; A Raven Pellet 453; The Purple Grackle at Albany, Georgia, 454; Note on the Gen- eric Names Schiffornis Bonaparte and Scotothorus Oberholser, 454; Evening Grosbeak (Hesperiphona vespertina) in Minnesota in Mid- summer, 455; Evening Grosbeaks Common at Lakewood, N. J., 456; Evening Grosbeaks at Princeton, N. J., 456; The Newfoundland Crossbill in the Washington Region, 456; White-winged Crossbill (Loxia leucoptera) in West Virginia, 457; An Erroneous Kansas Record for Baird's Sparrow, 457; A Scarlet Tanager at Thirty-fourth Street, New York, 458; Bohemian Waxwing at Seattle, Washington, During the Winter of 1919-1920, 458; Bohemian Waxwing at Salem, Mo., 460; Bohemian Waxwing (Bomby cilia garrula) at Rochester, N. Y., 461; Bohemian Waxwing at Rochester, N. Y., 462; Autumnal Stay of the Parula Warbler in Maine, 462; The Blue-winged Warbler (Vermivora pinus) on the Coast of South Carolina, 462; Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia citrina) at Detroit, Michigan, 463; Penthestes hudsonicus hudsonicus in North Dakota, 463; Labrador Brown- capped Chickadee (Penthestes hudsonicus nigricans) at Rochester, Monroe County, N. Y., 463; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the Boston Public Garden, 464; The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptilla caerulea caerulea) at Quebec, P. Q., 464; The Russet-backed Thrush (Hylo- cichla ustulata ustulata) Taken near Charleston, S. C, 465; Remark- able Migration of Robins, 466; Some Rare Birds for Yates County, N. Y., 466; Notes from Springfield, Mass., 467; Notes from St. Louis, Mo., 467; Merrem's Beytrage, 468; Erratum, 468.


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A. O. U. Luncheons, 498; Popular Nomenclature, 499; Precellaria vittata Forster is not Halobaena caerulea Gmelin, 505.

vi Contents of Volume XXXVII.


Obituary Notices: Frank Slater Daggett, 508; Horace Winslow Wright, 509; Thomas McAdory Owen, 510; Charles Gordon Hewitt, 511; Johan Axel Palmen, 511; Bird Banding, 512; The Permanent Funds of the A. O. IT., 513; Annual Meeting of the B. O. U., 514; Annual Meeting of the R. A. O. U., 515; Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for the Study and Protection of Birds, 516; American Fossil Birds, 516; Handwriting of Ornithologists, 516; Distribution of Ornitholo- gists, 517; Personal Mention, W. H. Osgood, 517; Alexander Wet- more, 517; James L. Peters, 517; Washington Meeting of the A. O. U., 517.


Limicoline Voices. By John Tweadwell Nichols 519

Summer Bird Records from Lake County Minnesota. By

Charles Eugene Johnson 541

In the Haunts of Cairns' Warbler. By C. W. G. Eifrig . . 551

Pattern Development in Teal. By Glover M. Allen .... 558 Notes on the Birds of Southeastern North Carolina. By

Edward Fleisher 565

Migration and Physical Proportions. A Preliminary Study.

By C. K. Averill 572


Roseate Tern (Sterna dougalli) Breeding in Virginia, 579; Egret in South Orleans, Mass., 579; The Louisiana Heron (Hydranassa tricolor ruficollis) at Cape May, N. J., 580; The Marbled Godwit (Limosa fedoa) on the New Jersey Coast, 580; Marbled Godwit on Long Island, N. Y., 581; The Willet (Catoplrophorus semipalmatus semi- palmatus) in Nova Scotia, 581; The Willet in Nova Scotia, 582; Breeding of the Semipalmated Plover (Aegialitis semipalmata) in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, 583; The Cowbird's Whistle, 584; Dance of the Purple Finch, 584; Breeding of the Evening Grosbeak in Manitoba, 585; A Change in the Nesting Habits of the Common House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), 586; Notes on the Acadian Sharp- tailed Sparrow (Passerherbulus nelsoni subvirgatus), 587; Notable Warblers Breeding Near Aiken, S. C, 589; The Yellow-throated Warbler (Dendroica dominica dominica) at Cape May, N. J., 591; The Black-poll Warbler and Bicknell's Thrush at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 591 ; The Summer Resident Warblers (Mniotiltidae) of North- ern New Jersey, 592; A Peculiarly Marked Example of Dumetella carolinensis, 593; The Hudsonian Chickadee in New Jersey, 593; The Plain Titmouse, a New Bird for Oregon, 594; The Singing of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus c. calendula), 594; Notes from Seal Island, Nova Scotia, 596; Some Summer Residents of Dutchess County, N. Y., 597; Bird Notes from Collins, N. Y., 598; Additions to the 'Birds of Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland,' 598 Rare and Unusual Birds in the Chicago Area During the Spring of 1920, 600; Items Relative to Some Costa Rican Birds, 601; Obser- vations of a Remarkable Night Migration, 604.

Contents of Volume XXXVII. vu


Townsend's 'Supplement to Birds of Essex County/ 606; Bannerman's 'Birds of the Canary Islands,' 607; Mathews' 'The Birds of Aus- tralia,' 609; Leavitt's 'Bird Study in Elementary Schools,' 609; Hudson's Recent Bird Books, 610; 'Aves' in the Zoological Record for 1917, 611; Stresemann's 'Avifauna Macedonica,' 611; Wood on the Eyes of the Burrowing Owl, 612; Murphy on the Seacoast and Islands of Peru, 613; Dr. Shufeldt's Bibliography, 613; Birds of the National Parks, 614; Game Laws for 1920, 614; Peters on a New Jay, 615; Chapman on Ostinops decumanus, 615; Lonnberg on 'The Birds of the Juan Fernandez and Easter Island,' 615; Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology, 616; Spring Migration Notes of the Chicago Area, 616; Nomenclature of the Birds of Bavaria, 617; Van Cleve's ' Acanthocephala of the Canadian Arctic Expedi- tion,' 618; Economic Ornithology in Recent Entomological Publi- cations, 619; The Bird Interest in Iowa Lakes, 620; Bird Liming in Lower Egypt, 621; The Ornithological Journals, 622; Ornithological Articles in Other Journals, 631; Additional Publications Received, 633.


Popular Bird Names, 634; Baker on the Birds of the Pleistocene, 634.


Obituary Notices: William Dutcher, 636; Herbert H. Smith, 637; Nicholas Alexievich Sarudny, 638; Frederick W. Headley, 638; Henry K. Oliver, 639; John H. Flanagan, 639; Robert L. Maitland, 640; Note on Biography of Ludwig Kumlein, 640; Government Publications on Birds, 640; Ornithology of the Twentieth Century, 640; Meeting of the Swiss Society for Bird Study, 641 ; Meeting of the Royal Aus- tralasian Ornithologists' Union, 641 ; Gilbert White bicentenary, 641 ; Rollo H. Beck, personal mention, 641; The Washington Meeting of the A. O. U., 641.

Index Page 643

Errata 677

Dates of Issue 677

Officers of the A. O. U. Past and Present i

Council of the A. O. U. Past and Present " ii

Contents i"

Officers and Members " ix



Plate I. William Brewster.

II. The Brewster Museum and Cabin.

III. Lyman Belding.

IV. Nest and Eggs of Bachman's Warbler. V. Genus Eupsychortyx.

VI. Distribution of Eupsychortyx in Colombia. VII. Lake Burford, New Mexico. Two views. VIII. Lake Burford, New Mexico. Two views.

Contents of Volume XXXVII.

IX. X.







Vicinity of Lake Burford, N. Mex. Two views.

Wing and tail pattern of Larus Philadelphia. Two

views. Wing and tail pattern of Larus argentatus. Two views

each. Males of Barrow's Goldeneye chasing. Barrow's Golden-eye preening and going through mating

actions. Mrs. Lucy Bake well Audubon. John Woodhouse Audubon. Nesting sites of Rusty Blackbirds. Two views. Nest of Rusty Blackbird.


Distribution of Eupsychortyx

Bills of Barrow's and American Golden-eyes . Skulls of Barrow's and American Golden-eyes . Trachea of Barrow's and American Golden-eyes . Letter from Mrs. Audubon to George Bird Grinnell Diagram showing pigment areas of a bird's body Heads of Teal showing color patterns ....

Page 192

" 360

" 362

" 364

" 377

" 560

" 561


Expiration of Term Sage, John H., President November, 1920.

Stone, Witmer

, Vice-Presidents " 1920.

Grinnell, George Bird \

Palmer, T. S., Secretary " 1920.

Dwight, Jonathan, Treasurer " 1920

Additional Members of the Council.

Deane, Ruthven November, 1920.

1920. 1920. 1920. 1920. 1920. 1920.

Dutcher, William

Grinnell, Joseph

Lucas, Frederic A

Oberholser, Harry C Richmond, Charles W. . Roberts, Thomas S. . . .

Allen, J. A

Batchelder, Charles F Chapman, Frank M.. . .

Cory, Charles B

Fisher, Albert K

Merriam, C. Hart

Nelson, Edward W. . . . Ridgway, Robert



Editorial Staff of 'The Auk.' Stone, Witmer, Editor November, 1920.


Committee on Biography and Bibliography.

Palmer, T. S., Chairman Deane, Ruthven

Allen, Glover M. Richmond, Charles W.

Stone, Witmer

Committee on Bird Protection. Fisher, A. K., Chairman Nelson, E. W.

Richmond, Charles W.

Committee on Classification and Nomenclature, of North American Birds. Stone, Witmer, Chairman Richmond, C. W.

Oberholser, H. C, Secretary Dwight, Jonathan

Palmer, T. S.

Committee on Publications. Sage, John H. Stone, Witmer

Palmer, T. S. Dwight, Jonathan




APRIL, 1920.1


Date of Election.

Allen, Dr. J. A., Amer. Mus, Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y Founder

Anthony, A. W., Ironside, Ore (1885)18952

Bangs, Outram, Museum Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. . (1884)1901

Barrows, Prof. W. B., Box 1047, East Lansing, Mich 1883

Batchelder, Charles F., 7 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. . . .Founder Beebe, C. William, New York Zool. Park, New York, N. Y.. (1897)1912

Bent, Arthur Cleveland, Taunton, Mass (1889)1909

*Bicknell, Eugene P., 30 Pine St., New York, N. Y Founder

Bishop, Dr. Louis B., 356 Orange St., New Haven, Conn (1885)1901

Brown, Nathan Clifford, 218 Middle St., Portland, Me Founder

Chadbourne, Dr. Arthur P., The Copley-Plaza, Boston, Mass (1883)1889 Chapman, Dr. Frank M., Amer Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y.


*Cory, Charles B., Field Museum Nat. Hist., Chicago, 111 Founder

Deane, Ruthven, 112 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111 1883

Dutcher, William, 949 Park Ave., Plainfield, N. J (1883)1886

Dwight, Dr. Jonathan, 43 W. 70th St., New York, N. Y (1883)1886

Fisher, Dr. Albert K., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C... Founder Fisher, Prof. Walter K., Hopkins Marine Sta., Pacific Grove, Calif.

(1899)1905 Fleming, James H., 267 Rusholme Road, Toronto, Ontario. . . (1893)1916

Forbush, Edward H., State House, Boston, Mass (1887)1912

Fuertes, Louis A., Cornell Heights, Ithaca, N. Y (1891)1912

Grinnell, Dr. George Bird, 238 E. 15th St., New York, N. Y 1883

Grinnell, Dr. Joseph, Mus. Vert. Zool., Univ. Calif., Berkeley, Calif.


Jones, Lynds, Spear Laboratory, Oberlin, Ohio (1888)1905

Loomis, Leverett M., Cal. Acad. Sci., San Francisco, Calif. . . (1883)1892 Lucas, Dr. Frederic A., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y.


1 Members of the Union, and subscribers to The Auk are requested to promptly notify Dh. Jonathan Dwight, Treasurer, 43 W. 70th St., New York City, of any change of address.

2 Dates in parentheses indicate dates of joining the Union. * Life Fellow.

Honorary Fellows. xi

Mailliard, Joseph, 1815 Vallejo St., San Francisco, Calif. . .(1895)1914 McAtee, Waldo Lee, Biological Survey, Washington, D. C... (1903)1914 *McGregor. Richard C, Bureau of Science, Manila, P. I. . . . (1889)1907 Merriam, Dr. C. Hart, 1919 16th St., N. W. Washington, D. C. Founder Miller, Waldron DeWitt, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y.


Nehrling, H., Gotha, Fla 1883

Nelson, E. W., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C 1883

Oberholser, Dr. Harry C, Biological Survey, Washington, D. C.

(1888)1902 Osgood, Dr. Wilfred H., Field Museum Nat. Hist., Chicago, 111.

(1893)1905 *Palmer, Dr.T. S., 1939 BiltmoreSt., N. W., Washington, D.C. (1888) 1901 Palmer, William, U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. (1888) 1898 Richmond, Dr. Charles W., U. S. National Museum, Washington,

D. C (1888)1897

Ridgway, Dr. Robert, U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D. C Founder

Riley, Joseph H., U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D. C (1897)1919

Roberts, Dr. Thomas S., Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.. . 1883

*Sage, John H., Portland, Conn. '. 1883

Saunders, William E., 240 Central Ave., London, Ontario 1883

Shufeldt, Dr. Robert W., 3356 18th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

Founder Stone, Dr. Witmer, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa... . (1885) 1S92 Swarth, Harry S., Mus. Vert. Zoology, Univ. of California, Berke- ley, Calif (1900)1916

Taverner, Percy A., Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, Canada


Todd, W. E. Clyde, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, Pa (1890)1916

Wetmore, Dr. Alexander, Biol. Survey, Washington, D. C. . (1908)1919 Widmann, Otto, 5105 Enright Ave., St. Louis, Mo 1884


Henshaw, Henry W., The Ontario, Washington, D. C (1883)1918

Lawrence, Newbold T., Lawrence, N. Y (1883)1913

Stejneger, Dr. Leonhard, U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D. C. (1883)1911


Buturlin, Sergius Alexandrovich, Wesenberg, Esthonia, Russia


Dabbene, Dr. Roberto, Museo Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina


* Life Fellow.

xii Corresponding Fellows.

Dubois, Dr. Alphonse, Villa Rayon de Soleil, Coxyde sur Mer, Bel- gium (1884)1911

Evans, Arthur Humble, 9 Harvey Road, Cambridge, England

(1899)1917 Furbringer, Prof. Dr. Max, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg,

Germany (1891)1916

Gadow, Dr. Hans Friedrich, Cleramendi, Great Shelford, near

Cambridge, England (1884)1916

Haagner, Alwyn Karl, Zoological Gardens, Box 754, Pretoria,

Transvaal, South Africa (1916)1918

Hartert, Dr. Ernst J. O., Zoological Museum, Tring, Herts,

England (1891)1902

Hellmayr, Dr. Carl E., Neuhauserstrasse 51.11, Munich, Germany

(1903)1911 Ihering, Dr. Hermann von, Caixa Postal No. 9, Florianopolis,

Estado de Sta. Catarina, Brazil (1902)1911

Lonnberg, Dr. A. J. Einar, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum, Veten-

skapsakademien, Stockholm, Sweden (1916)1918

Menegaux, Dr. Henri Auguste, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, 55

Rue de Buff on, Paris, France.. . '. (1916)1918

Pycraft, William Plane, British Museum (Nat Hist.) Cromwell

Road, London, S. W., 7, England (1902)1911

Reichenow, Dr. Anton, Konigl. Mus. fur Naturkunde, Invaliden-

strasse, 43, Berlin (1884)1891

Rothschild, Lord Lionel Walter, Zoological Museum, Tring,

Herts, England (1898)1913

Salvadori, Count Tommaso, Royal Zool. Museum, Turin, Italy 1883

Schalow, Prof. Herman, Hohenzollerndamm 50, Berlin-Griinewald,

Germany (1884)1911

Sclater, Wm. Lutley, 10 Sloane Court, Chelsea, London, S. W., 1.

England (1906)1917

Suschkin, Dr. Peter, University, Kharkov, Russia (1903)1918

Van Ort, Dr. E. D., Mus. Nat. Hist., Leyden, Holland. (1913)1919


Abbott, Dr. William L., 400 S. loth St., Philadelphia, Pa 1916

Alfaro, Don Anastasio, San Jose, Costa Rica 1888

Alpheraky, Sergius N., Imperial Acad. Sci., Petrograd, Russia 1913

Arribalzaga, Enrique Lynch, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina 1918

Arrigoni Degli Oddi, Count Ettore, Univ. of Padua, Padua, Italy 1900 Ashby, Edwin, Wittunga, Blackwood, Adelaide, South Australia. . . . 1918 Baker, E. C. Stuart, Chief Police Office, West India Docks, London,

E. 14, England 1918

Bannerman, David Armitage, 6 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensing- ton, London, W. 8, England 1916

Corresponding Fellows. xiii

Bates, Geo. Latimer, Bitye, via Yaunde, Cameroon, W. Africa 1919

Baxter, Miss Evelyn Vida, The Grove, Kirkton of Largo, Fifeshire,

Scotland 1919

Beddard, Frank Evers, Zool Society of London, London, England. 1917 Bertoni, Dr. Arnold de Winkelreid, Puerto Bertoni, Paraguay. 1919 Bianchi, Dr. Valentine, Imperial Zool. Museum, Petrograd, Russia 1916 Bonhote, John Lewis, Gade Spring Lodge, Hemel Hempstead,

Herts, England 1911

Bureau, Dr. Louis, Ecole de Medicine, Nantes, France 1884

Buttikofer, Dr. Johannes, Zoological Garden, Rotterdam, Holland 1886 Campbell, Archibald James, "Bulgaroo, " Broughton R'd, Surrey

Hills, Victoria, Australia 1902

Carriker, M. A., Jr., Apartado 51, Santa Marta, Colombia... (1907)1912

Chamberlain, Montague, Cambridge, Mass (Founder) 1901

Chubb, Charles, British Museum (Nat. Hist.) Cromwell Road, Lon- don, S. W., 7, England 1911

Clarke, William Eagle, Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh 1889

Collinge, Dr. Walter E., 3 Queen's Terrace, St. Andrews, Scotlandl918 Dalgleish, John J., Brankston Grange, Bogside Station, Alloa,

Scotland 1883

Dole, Sanford B., Honolulu, Hawaii 1883

Echt, Adolph Bachofen von, Nussdorf, near Vienna, Austria 1883

Feilden, Col. Henry Wemyss, Burwash, Sussex, England 1884

Ferrari-Perez, Prof. Fernando, Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico 1885

Freke, Percy Evans, South Point, Limes Road, Folkstone,Englandl883

Gee, Nathaniel Gist, Soochow Univ., Soochow, China 1919

Godwin-Austen, Lieut. -Col. Henry Haversham, Nore, Hascombe,

Godalming, Surrey, England 1884

Grandidier, Alfred, 6 Rond-Point des Champs Elysees, Paris 1883

Gurney, John Henry, Keswick Hall, Norwich, England 1883

Gyldenstolpe, Count Nils, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum, Veten-

skapsakademien, Stockholm, Sweden 1918

Hall, Robert, Tasmanian Museum, Hobart, Tasmania 1916

Harting, James Edmund, Portmore Lodge, Weybridge, Surrey,

England 1883

Hennicke, Dr. Carl R., Gera, Reuss, Germany 1907

Henson, Harry V., Yokohama, Japan 1888

Hudson, William Henry, Tower House, St. Luke's Road, West- bourne Park, London, W. England 1895

Hull, Arthur Francis Bassett, Box 704, Sydney, N. S. W 1919

Iredale, Tom, 39 Northcote Ave., Ealing, London, W. 5, England... 1918 Jackson, Miss Annie C, Swordale, Evanton, Ross-shire, Scotland.. .1919 Jourdain, Rev. Francis C. R., Appleton Rectory, Abingdon, Berks,

England 1918

Kloss, Cecil Boden, Kuala Lumpur, Federated Malay States 1918

xiv Corresponding Fellows.

Kruper, Dr. Theobald J., University Museum, Athens, Greece 18S4

Kuroda, Nagamichi, Fukuyoshi Cho, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan 1918

Leach, Dr. John Albert, Eyrecourt, Canterbury, Victoria, Australia 1919

Le Souef, Dudley, Zoological Gardens, Melbourne, Australia 1911

Lowe, Dr. Percy R., British Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Cromwell Road, Lon- don, S. W. 7, England 1916

MacFarlane, Roderick, 251 Colony St., Winnipeg, Manitoba 1886

Madarasz, Dr. Julius von, National Museum, Budapest, Hungary. 1884 Mathews, Gregory M., Foulis Court, Fair Oak, Hants, England. . . 1911 Menzbier, Prof. Dr. Michael, University for Women, Devitchje,

Pola, Moscow, Russia 1884

Millais, John Guille, Compton's Brow, Horsham, Sussex, England 1911 Mitchell, Dr. P. Chalmers, Zoological Society RegentsPark, London,

N. W. 8, England 1919

Moffett, Lacy I., Kiangyin, via Shanghai, China 1919

Nicholson, Francis, Ravenscroft, Windermere, Westmoreland, Eng- land 1884

Nicoll, Michael John, Valhalla House, Zool. Gardens, Giza, Egypt

1919 Ogilvie-Grant, William Robert, British Museum (Nat. Hist.),

Cromwell Road, London, S. W. 7, England 1899

Palmen. Dr. J. T., Helsingfors, Finland 1883

Phillips, Montagu Austin, Devonshire House, Reigate, Surrey,

England 1919

Ramsden, Dr. Charles T., Box 146, Guantanamo, Cuba (1912)1918

Ringer, Frederic, Nagasaki, Japan 1888

Rintoul, Miss Leonore Jeffrey, Lahill Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland

1919 Robinson, Herbert C, Selangor State Museum, Kuala Lumpur,

Federated Malay States 1918

Snethlage, Dr. Emilia, Museu Goeldi, Para, Brazil 1915

Swann, H. Kirke, 38 Great Queen St., Kingsway, London, W. C. 2,

England 1919

Swynnerton, Charles Francis Massy, Gungunyana, Melsetter,

South Rhodesia 1918

Theel, Dr. Johan Hjalmar, University of Upsala, Upsala, Sweden. . 1884 Ticehurst, Norman Frederic, 24 Pevensey Road, St. Leonards-on-

Sea, Sussex, England 1918

Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen, Victor, Ritter von, Villa Tannenhof,

bei Hallein, Salzburg, Austria 1884

Uchida, Seinosuke, No. 1, 1-chome Kitamachi, Aoyama, Tokyo,

Japan 1919

Waterhouse, F. H., Zool. Soc. of London, Regents' Park, London,

N. W., England 1889

White, Capt. Samuel Albert, Wetunga, Fulham, South Australia... 19 19

Members. xv

Winge, Dr. Herluf, Univ. Zool. Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark... 1903 Witherby, Harry Forbes, 12 Chesterford Gardens, Hampstead,

London, N. W. 3, England 1916

Worcester, Prof. Dean C, Manila, P. 1 1903

Zeledon, Don Jose C, San Jose, Costa Rica 1884


Allen, Arthur A., McGrawHall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. (1909) 1914

Allen, Francis H., 4 Park St., Boston, Mass (1888)1901

Allen, Dr. Glover M., 234 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass (1896)1904

Anderson, Dr. Rudolph M., Mus. Geol. Survey, Ottawa, Canada.


Attwater, H. P., 2120 Genesee St., Houston, Texas (1891)1901

Bailey, Vernon, 1834 Kalorama Ave., Washington, D. C (1887)1901

Bailey, Mrs. Vernon. 1834 Kalorama Ave., Washington, D.C. (1885)1901

Baily, William L., 220 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, Pa (1886)1901

Barbour, Dr. Thomas, Mus, Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass.

(1903)1914 Bartsch, Prof. Paul, U. S. Nat, Museum, Washington, D. C. (1896)1902

Beck, Rollo Howard, R. D. 288, San Jose, Calif (1894)1917

Bergtold, Dr. W. H., 1159 Race St., Denver, Colo (1889)1914

Bond, Frank, 3127 Newark St., N. W., Washington, D. C. . . (1887)1901

Bowles, John Hooper, The Woodstock, Tacoma, Wash (1891)1910

Braislin, Dr. William C, 425 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. (1894) 1902

Brooks, Allan, Okanagan Landing, B. C (1902)1909

Brooks, Wm. Sprague,234 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass (1907)1917

Bryan, William Alanson, College of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaiian

Islands (1898)1901

Bryant, Dr. Harold Child, Mus. Vert. Zool., Berkeley, Calif . (1913)1918

Burns. Frank L., Berwyn, Pa (1891)1901

Butler, Amos W., 52 Downey Ave., Irvington, Indianapolis, Ind.


Chambers, W. Lee, Box 4, Eagle Rock, Calif (1907)1913

Chapin, James P., Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y.. (19061917

Cherrie, George K., Newfane, Vt. (1891-1912) (1917)1918

Clark, Dr. Hubert Lyman, Mus. Comparative Zool. Cambridge,

Mass (1886)1902

Daggett, Frank S., Museum, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Calif.


Dawson, Wm. L., R. D. 3, Box 110. Santa Barbara, Calif (1895)1905

Deane, Walter, 29 Brewster St., Cambridge, Mass (1897)1901

Eaton, Prof. Elon Howard, 678 Main St., Geneva, N. Y (1895)1907

xvi Members.

Evermann, Prof. Barton W., Calif. Acad. Sci., San Francisco, Calif.


Farley, John A., 52 Cedar St., Maiden, Mass (1904)1919

Finley, William L., 651 East Madison St., Portland, Ore (1904)1907

Gault, Benjamin True, 2313 Washington Blv'd., Chicago, 111. (1885)1903 Goldman, Edward A., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C. (1897)1902

Griscom, Ludlow, 37 5th Ave., New York, N. Y (1908)1918

Harper, Francis, 3101 24th St., N. E., Washington, D. C. . . (1907)1917

*Harris, Harry, Kansas City, Mo (1911)1919

Herrick, Prof. Francis H., Adelbert College, Cleveland, O. . . (1913)1919

Hersey, F. Seymour, 6 Maple Ave., Taunton, Mass (1911)1916

Hoffman, Ralph, Siamasia, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Calif. (1893) 1901 Hollister, Ned, Nat. Zoological Park, Washington, D. C. . . . (1894)1910 Howell, A. Brazier, 268 S. Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

(1909)1916 Howell, Arthur H., 2919 S. Dakota Ave., Washington, D. C. (1889) 1902 Jacobs, J. Warren, 404 S. Washington St., Waynesburg, Pa.. (1889)1904 Jeffries, William A., 11 Pemberton Square, Boston, Mass.. . (1883)1901

Job, Herbert K., 291 Main St., West Haven, Conn (1896)1901

Kalmbach, Edwin R., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C. . (1910)1915

*Kennard, F. H., Dudley Road, Newton Centre, Mass (1892)1912

Knowlton, F. H., U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D. C (1883)1902

Law, J. Eugene, Mus. Vert. Zool., Berkeley, Calif (1907)1916

Mackay, George H., 304 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass (1890)1901

Mailliard, John W., 230 California St., San Francisco, Calif. (1895)1901

Moore, Robert Thomas, Onawa, Me (1898)1914

Morris, George Spencer, Olney, Philadelphia, Pa (1887)1903

Morris, Robert O., 82 Temple St., Springfiel 1, Mass (1888)1904

Murdoch, John, 16 High Rock Way, Allston, Mass (1883)1901

Murphy, Robert C, Museum Brooklyn Institute, Eastern Parkway,

Brooklyn, N. Y (1905)1914

Nichols, John T., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y. . . . (1901)1914 Norton, Arthur H., Mus. Nat, Hist., 22 Elm St., Portland, Me. (1890) 1902

Pearson, T. Gilbert, 1974 Broadway, New York, N. Y (1891)1902

Penard, Thomas E., 12 Norfolk R'd, Arlington, Mass (1912)1919

Peters, James Lee, Harvard, Mass (1904)1918

Phillips, Dr. John C, Wenham, Mass (1904)1912

Preble, Edward A., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C . .(1892)1901

Rathburn, Samuel F., 304 Marion Bldg., Seattle, Wash (1893)1902

Rhoads, Samuel N., 81 Haddon Ave., Haddonfield, N. J (1885)1901

Rives, Dr. William C, 1702 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C


Robinson, Col. Wirt, U. S. A., West Point, N. Y (1897)1901

Seton, Ernest Thompson, Greenwich, Conn (1883)1901

*Sherman, Miss Althea R., National via McGregor, Iowa (1907)1912

*Shiras, Hon. George, 3d, Stoneleigh Court, Washington, D.C(1907) 1915 Stephens, Frank, Nat. Hist. Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif .


Strong, Dr. Reuben M., 706 S. Lincoln St., Chicago, 111 (1889)1903

*Swales, Bradshaw Hall, U.S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D.C. (1902) 1909

Thayer, John Eliot, Lancaster, Mass (1898)1905

Townsend, Dr. Charles H., Aquarium, Battery Park, New York,

N. Y (1883)1901

Townsend, Dr. Charles Wendell, 98 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass.

(1901)1905 Trotter, Dr. Spencer, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. (1888) 1901

Tyler, Dr. Winsor M., 522 Mass. Ave., Lexington, Mass (1912)1917

Warren, Edward Royal, 1511 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo.


Wayne, Arthur T., Mt. Pleasant, S. C (1905)1906

Willett, George, 2123 Court St., Los Angeles, Calif (1912)1913

Williams, Robert White, Dept. Agric, Washington, D. C. . (1900)1918 Wolcott, Dr. Robert H., State University, Lincoln, Neb. . . . (1901)1903 Wood, Norman A., Museum Univ. of Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. (1904) 19 12

Wright, Dr. Albert H., Upland R'd, Ithaca, N. Y (1906)1919

Wright, Mrs. Mabel Osgood, Fairfield, Conn 1895(1901)


Abbott, Clinton Gilbert, Orchard Hill, Rhinebeck, N. Y 1898

Abbott, Miss Florence I., Upland Road, Andover, Mass 1917

Abbott, Miss Harriet, Fryeburg, Me 1918

Adams, Benjamin, Wethersfield, Conn 1911

Adams, Dr. Z. B., 43 Cottage Farm Rd., Longwood, Mass 1908

Adelmann, Howard Bernhardt, 221 Spring St., Buffalo, N. Y 1919

Aiken, Hon. John, Superior Court, Court House, Boston, Mass 1905

Aimar, Dr. Charles Pons, 4 Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S. C 1916

Albright, Horace Marden, Yellowstone Park, Wyo 1919

*Alexander, Miss Annie M., Suisun City, Calif 1911

Alexander, Edward Gordon, 16;»3 South St., Lexington, Mo 1919

Allaman, Ransom Perry, R. D. 4, Bedford, Pa 1918

Allen, Mrs. Amelia Sanborn, 37 Mosswood Rd., Berkeley, Calif.. . 1919

Allen, Arthur F., Sioux City, Iowa 1919

Allen, Mary P., 206 Moore St., Hackettstown, N. J 1913

Almy, Mrs. Charles, 147 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass 1919

* Life Member.

xviii Associates.

Anderson, Edwin C, Dell's Rapids, S. D 1919

Anderson, Ernest M., Provincial Museum, Victoria, B. C 1915

Anderson, Mrs. J. C, Great Barrington, Mass 1903

Andrews, William, Courtney, Jackson Co., Mo 1919

Angell, Walter A., 135 Mathewson St., Providence, R. I 1901

Anthony, H. E., Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist,, New York, N. Y 1911

Appel, W. D., 4119 Houston Ave., Norwood, Ohio 1917