Volume 38, Number 1


Finitude and Vulnerability: Pastoral Method and the Hospitalized Gary Brock

Carl Rogers and Martin Luther: A “Reformation” in the Helping Professions Terry Cooper

Psychotherapy as a Moral Enterprise Richard C. Erickson

Breaking Through the Walls of Isolation: A Model for Churches in Helping Victims of Violence Carolyn Thompson

Counseling: A Conversion Experience Virginia S. Wendel

Conversion: Toward a Holistic Model of Religious Change Lewis R. Rambo

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Volume 38, Number 2

Winter 1989


Psychotherapy as Religion: Pros and Cons Eugene C. Bianchi

Meditation as a Therapeutic Technique Joseph D. Driskill

The Quest for Spiritual Values Daniel A. Helminiak

Pastoral Counseling of Recovering Alcoholics After Treatment Sydney V. Jackson

Obituary: E. Mansell Pattison, M.D. (1933-1989)

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Volume 38, Number 3

Spirit and Self James N. Lapsley

The Psychological Assessment of Catholic Clergy and Religious Referred for Residential Treatment Philip J. Keddy, Philip Erdberg, and Sean D. Sammon

Effective Ministerial Style as Perceived by Denominational Leadership Susan L. Lichtman and H. Newton Malony

Assessment of Narcissistic Psychopathology in the Clergy Jayne Patrick

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Volume 38, Number 4

Editorial Brian H. Childs


Jung and the Mystical Theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church: Comments on Common Ground Bishop Chrysostomos and Thomas Brecht

- Our Mission and Ministry: Differentiated and Connected Identity and Relationships Rhonda R. Hanisch and Anne Marie Nuechterlein

Needs and Research Related to the Grieving Spouse Sharon R. Hovey and Gelene M. Berkram

Cross-Cultural Counseling: Is It Possible? Some Personal Reflections Roslyn A. Karaban

George Eliot’s Troubled Souls: A Neglected Chapter in the History of Pastoral Counseling James Roy King

The Voice of the Counselee Roy Herndon Steinhoff Smith

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